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Shipping Policies

We take great pride and joy in distributing some of the most ethical, sustainable, nutritious, and delicious snacks in Toronto.

We take the same pride in doing our best to ensure our products arrive to you quickly and in perfect condition.

  1. Free shipping: we offer free shipping Ontario-wide on orders over $125 (before tax).
    ** Orders within Ontario under $125 will be charged a flat rate of $20. 
    ** All orders delivered outside of Ontario will be charged a flat rate of $50. 


  2. Due to the scheduling of our shipping partners, we are currently unable to ship over the weekends or national holidays.

  3. We do our best, but we cannot guarantee all of our products will arrive in perfect condition. Please note, that some products are more susceptible to heat-related damage (blooming) than others.

  4. Heat warning: We reserve the right to delay shipping during extreme weather conditions and during heatwave (>25℃) conditions. We reserve the right to delay shipment until there are 3 consecutive days of low temperatures in the forecast (5-7 days for international orders). We will ship your order as soon as the weather allows. When expecting your order, please try to bring it inside and store in a cool place as soon as possible. If the weather is very warm, chill the chocolate in the fridge for an hour before opening.

  5. Damaged product: while we do our best to protect our products from damage, once your package has left our shop it is out of our control. Any damage that is incurred during shipping should be reported to the shipping company immediately. Refunds may not be given for shipping delays or damage caused by inclement weather, package refusal, and/or incomplete or incorrect delivery address.  Worried about your chocolate melting? Here are some tips!  Chocolate is best stored dry and cool, like a dark cupboard or pantry,  however one can refrigerate in a sealed container, you’ll definitely want to take it out 1-2 hours before indulging to let it come back to room temperature.   Try to avoid humidity and condensation! If you see white discoloration/film on your chocolate, have no fear! This chocolate is not stale or spoiled,  it has simply lost its temper (crystallization).  Some of our favourite ways to use bloomed chocolate is to blend it into hot or iced drinking chocolate, melt & drizzle on top of pancakes, cakes or ice cream.  

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