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tasty, organic, honest
and simple foods

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Bulgaria is a place with rich traditions in food production and agriculture, but also home preparation and cooking.

Most of Harmonica products embody these traditions and the benefits of organically produced, home-cooked communal meals.

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Harmonica is here to open minds, touch hearts, nourish souls and change lives for the better.

From a journey that started 14 years ago, Harmonica is now an emblematic organic food brand in Bulgaria.

Harmonica range

  • Wafers - Crispy

  • Wafers - Chocolate covered

  • Biscuit Bites

  • Pretzel Thins

  • Choco Balls

harmonica classic wafer

Biscuit Bites

Great Taste 2020
award-wining haiku of einkorn flour and
cow ghee.


Rich in fibre and simply irresistible in taste.

harmonica biscuit bites
so simple
so good
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